Triangle Talks: Adobe Premiere

If you’ve been wondering what’s up with Adobe Premiere Pro,
then this talk is for you.

Please join us at for a special editors presentation with Adobe video evangelist Colin Smith to learn about Adobe’s unmatched ecosystem of applications that tie everything together from screenwriting to digital delivery with
Premiere Pro as the hub.

When: Monday November 17th, 4 pm presentation
Where: Triangle Post, 241 Spadina Ave, second floor

4:00 Call
4:30 Start
5:30 Q&A
6:00 That’s it folks!

Today, editors are under pressure to wear more hats and complete projects with shorter timelines and one of the ways to deal with that is to have the tools perform faster and smarter and to leave the restricted world of transcoding, rendering and limitations behind. This presentation will answer your questions about just how possible it is to work with 6k+ media without rendering and how the Mercury Playback Engine works on everything from a MacBook Air to a powerhouse workstation.
Space is limited so please RSVP to:

Colin Smith bio:
Colin Smith has been swimming in the deep end of the video and imaging industries for over 20+ years. 17 of those years have been spent at Adobe Systems where he continues to evangelize leading edge solutions to customers all over North America including Hollywood filmmakers,
New York media giants and broadcast and animation houses in Canada.

“It was a real pleasure to attend this presentation a few weeks ago when it was presented to the Canadian Cinema Editors Association.
I came away extremely impressed with Premiere and the power of the software.
Colin is a great presenter and I can see a definite place for
Premier going forward. I would highly recommend this talk.”
Matthew Bush / President, Triangle Post

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