Triangle Talks : Forscene Editors Night

Tuesday October 21st, 2014

It was a productive evening at Triangle Post, a group of producers, editors and assistants were treated to a special presentation to discover the features, benefits and workflows of Forscene, the world’s leading cloud based post production platform.

Triangle’s President Matthew Bush kicked off the talk with an introduction to Forscene which he first became aware of at this year’s NAB conference, “I thought it was too simple, but then I realized that was the beauty of it.” He went on to explain “there’s no dedicated hardware or software needed, as long as you have access to the web, you’re good to go.”

Forscene software runs as a service in the cloud which means that seats are available anywhere the internet is accessible. By logging in on any computer, tablet or smartphone, productions can immediately and securely access numerous post production processes. This includes review and approve, logging, editing and publishing to post production infrastructures and numerous web-streaming portals.

Matthew then introduced Jeff Krebs, Forbidden’s Regional Manager for Canada and Eastern U.S. to demonstrate how Forscene works.

Jeff had everyone’s undivided attention during the demonstration while he discussed and gave several examples of how Forscene can make everyone’s job much easier and more efficient, “It’s not just something the editors and producers will benefit from, but story editors, camera operators and pretty much everyone who is working on a project can now securely access their media from anywhere.” He went on to tell the group that a variety of productions in Toronto are already integrating Forscene into their workflows and that the editors who have begun working with Forscene are very excited about its capabilities.

Following the presentation the editors engaged in a Q & A with many stating how much they are looking forward to trying out Forscene.

Matthew concluded the evening by thanking everyone for attending stating, “We hope you are as excited about Forscene as we are. We want to get the community involved, because we know this is the future and the way to go.”

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