Triangle Talks : C.C.E Salon – Adobe

October 24 2014

Triangle would like to congratulate the C.C.E. and thank Adobe for what was a tremendous C.C.E. Salon here last night at Triangle Post.

Colin Smith and Sebastian Distefano from Adobe did a fantastic job showcasing the power of Premier and its associated Adobe products. Everyone’s minds and eyes were opened to Premiers and Media Encoders impressive capabilities. With a packed house, the vibe was attentive and engaged, the time passed quickly and they left us wanting more.

If you had been wondering what’s up with Adobe Premier, then this was the talk for you.

At the end of the presentation, Triangle offered everyone the opportunity to try the Adobe Products for themselves in our Adobe Demo Suite that we’ve set up for just this purpose. Nothing beats kicking the keys!

For those who want more, or a second chance to catch this presentation, this event will be held again as part of the ongoing Triangle Talks Series on Monday November 17th / 4pm. To RSVP for that event – please email

For Adobe Demo Suite bookings please contact:

For more information on the C.C.E (which we highly recommend you join and support this great community of editors), please contact…

For more information on Adobe Premiere Pro

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